Shaloam Cardi

This was a really fun knit.  Still searching for buttons for this.

Yarn: Peruvia
Needles” 10.5

Wow, I actually have some things almost ready for wear.  I have a lot to be proud of.  I have come a long way from the Saturday 2 years ago when it took me literally a whole weekend just to be able to do a cast on!


In the Que: Sock #3 of 2010

 I will re-start this pair as Sock #6 soon.

Panda Silk-(Chocalate colorway)
7 stitches Per Inch (Ann Budd Pattern)
Cuff Down Double Points
Foot Circumference: 8.5″ (knit at 7.5″)


Rosamund Cardigan

My Notes:
Yarn: Berroco Mahogany Mix 6280
Cast on 176 for a size 38.
The yarn is do die for. Just enough to keep me toasty warm this winter and let those cables stand out, yet soft enough to be worn over a light t-shirt.

First run on complete set of cables was a bust. I must of miscounted a row and therefore my cables were off. Yikes! Time to cast on again.

Cast on take 2. I did a cable cast on for a sturdier and flattering edge line. I am noticing some of the cable cast on is not looped properly. Looks like an incomplete stitch but it is not raveling. This is in 2 spots, so I popped on a locking stitch marker to secure and will need to weave in some yarn to secure this. Lucky for me that the first row after the cast on was the cable row, so with the bunching of the cable nestled in the cast on row, I can fudge and secure my mishap without having to cast on yet again. Dang, I hate when I fudge it!! I got the cast on completed and am through first row of cables. Measures at about 1 ¼”, so I will get another row of cables to make 1 ½”. So far things are lining up perfectly. I was a bit worried that at the end of the cable row that there was not enough to finish the LC or the RC, (there were only 4 stitches left) but ended with a k1 p1 (twice). I am thinking that this will be the base to attach the buttons when ready (although the pattern doesn’t indicate this). I will plod on and pray that this works out for me. I like patterns that are detailed line for line, but this is one of the things I am learning to look for before I choose a new project. Either that or I will do what I did with this pattern, read and study the pattern for a good solid week and then re-write it so it makes sense to me. Ok, enough bitching. I am enjoying knitting this, and that is the point right? 

A finished object!!! 
Loved knitting this cardigan dearly. 
Enough sappiness!  Here are the photos (minus buttons…still looking).

Catchin the “big fish”!!

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The Loon video. Bad camera action, but hey that bird sounds beautiful!

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Canada Creek Ranch August 2009

The girls had a great time diving into the falls.

Early morning on Wildfowl lake, great reflections

A visit to the dunes makes for a fun afternoon

Canada Creek trout stream

The cool summer kept most of the bigger fish deep in the lake, but made for some incredible pictures and sunsets.

Two different lakes provide great recreation, fishing, boating and swimming.

The first morning brought great results for a beautiful sunrise and some great fishing.

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