It’s been since last March?? Really??

I haven’t made a post since last March.  I am shamed.  I moved my blog from blogspot to WordPress.  That format is very different so I will be playing around with style for awhile until I settle into something I am comfortable with.

What’s on the needles? 
I have a generic ear flap hat pattern from The Knitting Fiend.  This is a test knit before I go out and buy all the fibery goodnes for the hats I will be gifting for Christmas.  I am hoping to complete 4-6 of them if I can get it toghether in time.

I also have almost completed my MHM#7 Mittens from the book Selbuvotter:  Biography of a Knitting Tradition by Terri Shea.  I am almost to the tip of the 2nd mitten and then I need to muck my way around finding out how to knit up the thumbs on both mittens.   This is a wonderful book.  I have put it on my wish list for myself.  But for now, I have it out on loan from the library.

I am hoping to get my blog turned around in the next few weeks so that it will be something I can enjoy looking at.  Right now it is a bit rough.  There a few things I want to add, like a Goodreads widget (which I don’t there is one), and get my Podcast and Podcast video links all set. 

I see that for the last year basically I haven’t knit shit.  Almost nothing.  The summer here in Michigan was frightfully awful.  I mean so blasted hot that I did almost no knitting.  I intend on making up for it this winter, so baby let it snow.  I am ready.

The last goal I have is to get some current photos up here.  The weather has finally taken a turn and I am hoping to get back to getting out on our Sunday drives. 

That’s it for now.


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