Sock #2 of 2010

The great thing about spending all day in the gym watching a gymnastic meet is the time I get to knit.  I never ever mind.
#2 DPN
Sock Ease
Cuff down.  1″ ribbing, rest stockinette.
Gauge is 8 stitches per inch.
Circumference (of the ball of foot at widest point)  is 8.5 (I sized down 1″ to 7.5 for a nice perfect fit).
So..7.5 multiplied by 8 (stitches per inch) is 60.
60 is my cast on number.

Ready to go!


Amazing how much I got done in one day.  Picking up stitches after the heel was a better this time.  I have about 5 1/2″ on the foot now.  I should be able to kick this one out in the next day or so.  Good for me.

Stash Building:
Yup another package arrived.  This time from Knit Picks.

At $3.49 (219 yards!) a ball, of course I bought it.  Super soft!

Ohhh, I also forgot to post these as well:

Got these beauties at Simply Sock Yarn for $2.70 (218 yards).  Ditto as before, I got 2.
Ok, both socks are done…almost.  Just need a little time to kitchner stitch the second toe.  You tube again!
Thanks to Judy from Knitting Tips By Judy.
Okie dokie all done and it is just about 11:58 a.m.!  Screaming happy!


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