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German Style/Norwegian Cast On

Learned the Norwegian Style Cast On today.

Check out this video:

Looked at a lot of You Tubes on this, and this was what worked for me.  She goes pretty slow so it was easy to follow along.  I love learning something new!!


In the Que: Socks #5 of 2010

Cotton Candy So Sticky Sweet

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease
Needles: (4) #2 Double Points
Cuff Down
Colorway: Cotton Candy
8 stitches per inch
Foot Circumference: 8.5 (will knit as a 7.5)

These are photos from my first attempt at these socks.  I will pick them up again as my #2 of 2010.

I will for sure be sufficiently nauseated with this color by the time I am done.  Did a 1″ ribbing then switched to stockinette for 3″‘.  Thinking now that  I wished that I had done ribbing on the leg only.  Press on……  Total leg is 4″.

La Novia

La Novia is now finished!
Yarn:  Knit Picks dk City Tweed

I learned everything about lace knitting from this project.  I thank Anne Hansen for her perfect instructions.  I have to say this was the first pattern I paid for that really really deserved the purchase.  She takes great care in presenting clear and easy instructions.  I would recommend this pattern (or any of hers) for those thinking that they would like to step into lace knitting.  I am still waiting for Anne to put out a book of her patterns.  I wish she would consider it.  I would order it sight unseen!

Shaloam Cardi

This was a really fun knit.  Still searching for buttons for this.

Yarn: Peruvia
Needles” 10.5

Wow, I actually have some things almost ready for wear.  I have a lot to be proud of.  I have come a long way from the Saturday 2 years ago when it took me literally a whole weekend just to be able to do a cast on!

In the Que: Sock #3 of 2010

 I will re-start this pair as Sock #6 soon.

Panda Silk-(Chocalate colorway)
7 stitches Per Inch (Ann Budd Pattern)
Cuff Down Double Points
Foot Circumference: 8.5″ (knit at 7.5″)