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Carili by Coco Knits, Designed by Julie Weisenberger.

Well I found another cardi that I think maaaaaaaaaay be the one.
Simple, classic and something I should get a lot of use out of. Could be great to wear to work as well as a Sunday drive.

I have some nice light blue Cascade 220 that may pair nice with this pattern. I will swatch this weekend and post my results. I think I may only have 8 skeins in my stash, so I may have to purchase another 2 more.


Holland Michigan Tulip Festival Drives

Rows of flowers as far as the eye can see

Love the colors contrasting with all the green

Windmills help to pump water to the crops and livestock

Daffodils are the first bloomers in the spring

Right away we found results in our search

After thunderstorms throughout the evening, we “tiptoed through the tulips” to start the morning

Coming into town a week before the Tulip Festival, we had to go to the source to find the biggest prize, the Tulip farms

From the old fashioned candy store to the cozy downtown eateries and brew pubs, we found Holland a place worthy of a return visit

Home of the first Dutch settlers in Holland

We came to Holland to see the tulips and came away learning a whole lot more about this wonderful town in western Michigan

Dixboro General Store May 23 2009

Old junk with pretty flowers=high prices 😉

Remember when you come up behind a slow moving vehicle and it’s a Sunday, it could be me so be nice, ya here?

The candy store here is incredible, and they have cider and donuts in the fall, with pumpkins

Ok, think I made my point about color scheme,

maybe one more.

Petunias, pansies and peonys are pretty, thats


Did your mom or grandmother ever take you shopping to places you never wanted to go? All the time, right? Those places for me were, fabric and wallpaper stores, Sears and flower shops. Now, I’m taking pictures of those places, makes you wanna say Hmmm?! Whatever…

Is that the right time?

Lets gander back a bit into time, To a place now forgotten ‘cept for story or rhyme.

Sunday drives in May 2009

Reflections on the pond near Strawberry Lake Rd, sunset from my backyard, Plymouth Twp.

What an amazing day, just another Sunday drive, “Off the Beaten Path”. Most of these photos were taken within one mile square, Jennings and Walsh Rd. west of US 23 and north of N. Territorial Rd. Hope you enjoyed the ride, I always do.

Four of us just barely joined hands around this massive beauty. Photo still about 50 yds away.

We came upon this cemetary dated to 1850, and these huge pine trees. Along the trip, I noticed huge trees everywhere we went. I knew there must be “the Grandaddy” close by, and then we found it. The “tree of Life”, standing alone in someones front yard, what used to be a farm field or pasture, the largest oak tree I’ve ever seen. I took these pictures from over 100 yds away, it measures over 24 ft around, and estimated to be almost 400 yrs old.

Always find a use for something

Abandoned farm on N. Territorial, west of Napier

Northville Twp has some great old horse farms

If I get caught trespassing taking a photo, I just wave and smile. Funny, they always wave back

Dexter and Chelsea have some really great Centennial farms. South of I94 on Fletcher Rd

My love for barns started when I was a boy. My moms family is from Ohio, in Napoleon my grandfather had a nice big white barn. We played in that dusty old thing all day, many days in a row. When we weren’t out playing tag in the cornfields, or chasing the sheep around the pen, we had “the Barn” to fall back on. I first saw advertisements for tobacco on a barn west of Plymouth Mi. in the early sixties, it said “Chew Mailpouch Tobacco” just like this one in Chelsea.

After the trip to Holland Michigan to view the Tulip Festival, I started to really get excited about not only taking pictures, but sharing them with everyone else. So, moving backwards now, I will show you what I have been up to for the past year or so.

Sunday drives June 6, 2009

West of US 23 Dexter Pinckney road, S. of Joy Rd.
This farm was built in 1910, zoom in and check out the detail of these photos. I wonder how long that Mercedes has been parked there?

White and green barns are my favorite, check out the stone walls and fence type

A work shed complete with silo, nicely painted and landscaped

Fence and a field in the middle of nowhere.

Sometimes I just walk or drive onto peoples property and wave, while trespassing and taking pictures with a smile, of course.

Dog on a Porch, classic set up, eh?

Two Horses and a Pontoon Boat with lilleypads

A smokehouse and a henhouse

Newly renovated barn with fieldstone foundation

Triangle inside a circle and a square, good fortune here

Thought I was up north of Clare

Bell and a barn

These colors don’t run, like the yellow iris

Soccer Coach Spring 2009

Ok, we learned alot this spring, and we were competitive, and yes, we had fun too.

Go Thunder, Booom!!

Our best game in Garden City June 6

McKenna and Alyssa played together.

Ok, so we didn’t always practice very hard, but we had fun and some of us learned to fly a kite for the first time. We practice at Smith school, where it all began, The Palmer Street Boys, 1400, playing tag in “the Creek”, the tradition continues. God bless you all, and God Bless America!!

P.S. Not bad for a baseball player, eh?

Sunday morning Over Easy June 14, 2009

When I drive anywhere these days, I always have a fully loaded, charged camera with me. On this Monday last week, I tried to get lost and find my way home “Off the Beaten Path”. Just south of Belleville Mi., lies the little hamlet of Bemis, where the photos were taken.