Sock #3 of 2010

I missed my knitting night last Thursday, so I took a chance and plowed through picking up stitches after the heel.  Seems to look good.  I am going to wait on pulling together Sock #2 until I can get back there so that I can learn the proper way to do this without getting holes.
Here is where I am on the first of the pair.

The good and bad.  I like knitting on the Bernat Sox’s yarn.  Hoping it will hold up to washing.  The bad, the colorway is atrocious.  Pretty gross.  Who over at Bernat thought this would be something that would knit up even remotely nice puzzles me.  Aside from that, the price was nice….and was the reason I made the purchase.


"Poetic Justice" by Percy


 Believed, Beloved, Belonging

See my Star at Morning’s Dawning
I arrived Just in Time Dear Lord,
For your Heavenly Show.

Lightening Rings, Thunder Sings,
Mind says word It was You I know.

For it was me Observing, those Wonderful
Treasures that Only You could Bring.

Feeling My Spirit Slowly Drift away with the Breeze,
Music Playing, I don’t know the Words,
But still I sing.

Sock #2 of 2010

The great thing about spending all day in the gym watching a gymnastic meet is the time I get to knit.  I never ever mind.
#2 DPN
Sock Ease
Cuff down.  1″ ribbing, rest stockinette.
Gauge is 8 stitches per inch.
Circumference (of the ball of foot at widest point)  is 8.5 (I sized down 1″ to 7.5 for a nice perfect fit).
So..7.5 multiplied by 8 (stitches per inch) is 60.
60 is my cast on number.

Ready to go!


Amazing how much I got done in one day.  Picking up stitches after the heel was a better this time.  I have about 5 1/2″ on the foot now.  I should be able to kick this one out in the next day or so.  Good for me.

Stash Building:
Yup another package arrived.  This time from Knit Picks.

At $3.49 (219 yards!) a ball, of course I bought it.  Super soft!

Ohhh, I also forgot to post these as well:

Got these beauties at Simply Sock Yarn for $2.70 (218 yards).  Ditto as before, I got 2.
Ok, both socks are done…almost.  Just need a little time to kitchner stitch the second toe.  You tube again!
Thanks to Judy from Knitting Tips By Judy.
Okie dokie all done and it is just about 11:58 a.m.!  Screaming happy!

Sock #1 of 2010

 Sunday, March 21, 2010
Ok, I frogged the original Sock #1.  Although this really should be sock #2, I am calling it sock #1, because it is a make up sock.

Got through heel on sock one today.  I am holding off until Thursday knit night so that I can get some hands on help with picking up the stitches for the gusset.  I have just cast on for the mate in hopes of having a set ready to pick up stitches on Thursday evening.

And while I was needling away, Lilly sat at her empty bowl.

And Claire just finished her bath and is ready to dine.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am using the sock generator for a simple pair of well fitting socks from The Knitting Fiend at  
This way I can learn to use any gauge I like with any yarn I like.

The Low Down:
Sensations Bamboo & Ewe.
Colorway is a bright cherry red.
Recommended gauge is 7 sts per 1″. on #3.

I liked My Gauge at 9 sts per inch with needles #2  (2.50)
5 double points (Knit Picks 6″)
Cuff is a 2×2 rib for 1.5″.  
I want straight stockinette after that for the entire sock.

In anticipation of picking up stitches, I searched You Tube found a nice video on that.

German Style/Norwegian Cast On

Learned the Norwegian Style Cast On today.

Check out this video:

Looked at a lot of You Tubes on this, and this was what worked for me.  She goes pretty slow so it was easy to follow along.  I love learning something new!!

In the Que: Socks #5 of 2010

Cotton Candy So Sticky Sweet

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease
Needles: (4) #2 Double Points
Cuff Down
Colorway: Cotton Candy
8 stitches per inch
Foot Circumference: 8.5 (will knit as a 7.5)

These are photos from my first attempt at these socks.  I will pick them up again as my #2 of 2010.

I will for sure be sufficiently nauseated with this color by the time I am done.  Did a 1″ ribbing then switched to stockinette for 3″‘.  Thinking now that  I wished that I had done ribbing on the leg only.  Press on……  Total leg is 4″.

La Novia

La Novia is now finished!
Yarn:  Knit Picks dk City Tweed

I learned everything about lace knitting from this project.  I thank Anne Hansen for her perfect instructions.  I have to say this was the first pattern I paid for that really really deserved the purchase.  She takes great care in presenting clear and easy instructions.  I would recommend this pattern (or any of hers) for those thinking that they would like to step into lace knitting.  I am still waiting for Anne to put out a book of her patterns.  I wish she would consider it.  I would order it sight unseen!